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Create enormous, crowd pleasing bubbles with the Ultra Bubble Wand. It is 25" long and capable of making bubbles bigger than a car! 

Simply open your wand, dip into the solution, and open it up! Watch as big bubbles flow from the bubble wand!


These wands are easy to use and are recommended for children ages 5+. 


If you have never used a bubble wand like this, prepare to be amazed! These bubbles get HUUUGE! Not only that, but they can float in the air for minutes at a time. Imagine sending a giant bubble flying over your neighborhood. People will be amazed, confused, curious and try to locate the source of these magnificent, wobbling creatures. 

You can enjoy making giant bubbles on your own or bring them to an event like a birthday party or family reunion. There is no bad time for making giant bubbles (except perhaps a funeral, use your discresion). 

Ultra Bubble Wand

SKU: 0005
$14.95 Regular Price
$11.96Sale Price


  • Bubble wands are 25 inches long, made from birch dowel rods.

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