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Ultra Bubbles is a family business based out of Minnesota. I began this adventure when I made my first bubble wand for my niece and nephew. After a lot of experimentation, I created a bubble solution that outperformed any household recipes I could find. I brought a set to Florida while on vacation and made bubbles on the beach. There, I made my first sale and the rest is history. These bubble wands are handmade and durable to withstand normal wear and tear. The solution is a concentrated formula that is typically cheaper than anything that can be bought in a store or that can be made at home. 


I am 100% committed to your satisfaction! If there are any problems I will take care of it. After your order, I will do my best to get it out the next day and it will typically arrive in 1-3 days.



Thank you so much for visiting my site.  I truly appreciate your business!


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