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Make giant bubbles is easy with Ultra Bubble Solution! Ultra Bubbles is formulated to make bubbles that are easy to close off and can float in the air for minutes at a time! 


This concentrated bubble solution will make over ONE GALLON, but you can decide home much you want to mix up. You will notice that Ultra Bubbles is thicker and more viscous than your typical bubble solution.


Because of this, bubbles are very sturdy and can perform a lot of amazing tricks like:

  • blowing bubbles in bubbles
  • landing on water
  • landing on wet grass and pavement
  • touching a bubble
  • floating for over a minute


I think that you will agree that for the price of a couple cups of coffee, you can provide hours of entertainment for your friends and family. 

Have any questions? Contact me. 

Ultra Bubble Solution

SKU: 0002
$9.95 Regular Price
$7.96Sale Price


  • Concentrated Solution will make over ONE GALLON when mixed with water. This solution is where the magic happens. Ultra Bubble solution is thick and more viscous than ordinary solution and works wonders in bubble creation. Bubbles form and close off easily. Each bottle can be mixed with one gallon of water, or it can be mixed up a little at a time. This is the cheapest solution you will find anywhere!

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