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Magical Bubbles

I have been making bubbles for a number of years now, and while there is never a bad time for bubbles, there are certain factors that allow for an awe inspiring experience. If you have the opportunity to choose your bubbling time, try waking up early before the sun is shining too brightly, and the humidity level is at its peak (80% or more). During this time of day you can experience the best results. A slight breeze is necessary to get the bubbles to travel off of the ground, but it shouldn't be too windy.

Here you can see an example of a time where the conditions are perfect. Each one of those bubbles that you see are about a cubic yard in size. See that grouping of cars far off in the distance. Bubbles were flying over their heads that day.

Of course kids love bubbles. They love to pop them and chase them, but I think that adults appreciate them more. I encourage you to find a quiet time early in the morning and ask those with you to let the bubbles fly. Appreciate how something so big can float through the air for that long. Watch them and wonder who else caught that giant bubble out of the corner of their eye - imagine their surprise.

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