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Guide to making your first bubble:

- If possible, choose a day and time with low wind and high humidity (seriously, go to and check the actual humidity level. When it is 60% or higher, bubbles will float a long time).

- Take a bottle of solution and pour it into a gallon size bucket and pour in one gallon room temperature water (you can mix up less at a time if you want).

- Dip you giant bubble wand in the solution and lift it out with your back to the breeze.

- Open up your bubble wand and watch the bubbles fly out!

- Now do that again a thousand times!

Tricks and fun things to do:

- Blow bubbles in bubbles.

- Get the bubbles to land on water.
- Show your neighbors what cool bubbles you have.

- Blow bubbles with your hands.
-Catch a bubble. 
-Chase the bubbles.

-Avoid the bubbles (Limbo!)
- Much more. Get creative!

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